Explore feature product update 1

Our Brand New “Explore” Functionality Makes It Easier to Find and Answer Questions on TruePublic

Before introducing you to the “Explore” functionality, let us just tell you the pre-story. 

We have built TruePublic as an anonymous, bullying-free platform where all your opinions are bullet-proof and can be expressed freely and without any constraints. 

On top of that, you have the opportunity to see how other people have anonymously voted, what they think, and what they truly believe in. There are no names, no personal information on TruePublic, only demographic data and statistics. This is what makes it a safe place for expressing yourself freely. 

So, the key thing in TruePublic are the questions. There are thousands of them here. And our main challenge was to make all those questions easy to find and answer. 

There are two main ways one can answer questions on TruePublic. The first path is browsing the app, getting familiar with the “Popular” and “News” feeds and finding and joining interesting Spaces. The second path is using the new “Explore” functionality by simply picking topics that you are interested in the most. You can join any Spaces later on whenever you want to. So, Explore makes it quicker to start answering questions. 

TruePublic Explore functionality screenshots

When you tap “Explore,” you see a number of categories and Spaces below the categories. Under each category, you can find specific Spaces. For example, under the “Relationships” category, there are the following Spaces:

  • Dating
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Parenting

Or under “Technology,” you can find the following Spaces: 

  • Internet
  • Crypto
  • Future
  • Science

You can browse through the list of Spaces under the “All categories” and select as many as you want. Note that the cards for Spaces are listed in alphabetical order, so if you cannot find the ones that you are most interested in, you just need to scroll more. 🙂 

And you can also simply hit “Select all” to automatically select all the Spaces that TruePublic has. 

Selecting Spaces does not mean you are joining them, it just means that you are going to get questions from those Spaces. Later, you can decide if you want to join a Space or not.

You can also tap on the “Pick for me” button if you are too lazy to select Spaces yourself. And once you do so, the automagic will work and 5 random Spaces will be selected for you!

Once you hit “Let’s go,” you will appear on a feed with questions form the Spaces you have shown interest in. That’s it!

We truly hope that you will try out this new “Explore” functionality and will let us know how you like it.