3 Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

3 Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

Employee productivity is nearly as important for a business as breathing for a human.

It leads to the productivity of an organization, which in turn helps boost the profitability of the organization.

That’s why it’s important for organizations to find out what key factors affect productivity in the workplace. HR professionals, managers, and even CEOs deal with these issues.

We did our research to find out what affects productivity in the workplace according to various sources. And we also found some very interesting statistics about workplace productivity through anonymous polling via the TruePublic mobile app.

Poor engagement 

According to the CIPD, 21% of employees are looking for a new job. Over half of these people listed “better benefits elsewhere” as the main reason for wanting to change their workplace.

At TruePublic, there is a question, “What is your opinion of your current job?”

The majority of the respondents (44%) answered “Just okay,” and only 13% said they “Love it.” 

Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

People can be disengaged due to various factors, and they can even have the desire to quit their job.

For example, poor management (37%) and a low salary (31%) would make a lot of TruePublic poll respondents quit a job. Then come rude coworkers (17%) and no chance for promotion (15%).

Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

Lack of exciting perks 

So, how can you stop disengagement? Something as simple as investing in your employees and providing them with the perks they want can take you a long way. This can increase the level of your people’s engagement and productivity in its turn. 

For example, it looks like unlimited vacation is the number one workplace perk that would make people the happiest. 

Which workplace perk would make you the happiest?

  • Student loan help 29%
  • Unlimited vacation 36% 
  • Work from home 29% 
  • Paid transportation costs 6% 

Check out the infographic for a more detailed data breakdown.

Monetary rewards also seem to be a favorite way of getting boosted. 43% of the poll respondents on TruePublic said that rewarding employees with money could be a way to boost productivity. 

Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

Lack of employee motivation (workers that are not motivated can never be productive)

According to Robby Slaughter, the most effective tool for increasing productivity will be for managers to leave the scene.

Slaughter says, “the best way to encourage productivity is to encourage individuals to take ownership over how they manage their own time and resources.”

In fact, 55% of the poll respondents on TruePublic said that the primary method for time management at the workplace is avoiding procrastination. 22% mentioned always being on time and 21% delegating tasks. 

Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

Prioritizing your tasks can also lead to an increase in productivity at the workplace. 

What is the best way of prioritizing tasks at the workplace?

  • Identify urgent vs. important 38%
  • Set monthly goals 10%
  • Create a to-do list 39%
  • Identify business objectives 13%
Key Factors Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

Still, most respondents believe that a four-day workweek would make everyone better off.

Summing up

Now that you know what can affect employee productivity, it’s time to set up the right processes at your organization to boost motivation and productivity. Don’t forget to use data while you try to analyze and predict employee behavior.

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