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Introducing Spaces on TruePublic

The content on TruePublic consists of questions, answers, and various stats based on the opinions shared by app users living all over America. Every day people submit hundreds of questions to TruePublic, and every month, more than 2 million honest opinions are shared in the app. These numbers are growing rapidly, making it hard to find questions on your favorite topics.

Most of your favorite apps contain categories. The content gets more discoverable if categorized. It’s like having everything you love organized neatly on the shelves. But we decided to go one step further and offer you a new way of browsing content and finding questions on your favorite topics on TruePublic.

We are introducing TruePublic Spaces

A new experience that allows you to gather around specific topics. With Spaces you can follow the topics you care about and instantly discover how America views them in the form of real-time infographics that update with every new vote. It’s a brand new way of browsing content, finding questions, and getting answers on TruePublic.

Introducing TruePublic Spaces

For this initial batch, we are launching around 50 spaces, but this number will grow based on the various interests our users have. Currently, the TruePublic team will moderate Spaces, but we will also make sure to turn the most active users into moderators in the future.

What value do Spaces provide?

First of all, Spaces will allow you to subscribe to the topics you are deeply interested in. You will be able to easily find questions about those topics and always be updated when new questions appear in the spaces you are following. It’s a totally new way of browsing content, answering questions, and finding answers on TruePublic.

Introducing TruePublic Spaces

Second, in the near future, you’ll be able to create and manage your own spaces based on the topics you care about. We will do our best to promote your spaces, so you can get more people subscribing to them and enjoying the content available there.

What other changes does this bring to the app?

Of course, the Spaces feature will bring some changes to the app and its user experience. The newly redesigned Home page includes these three sections:

  • News – feed with the most trending news-related questions
  • Popular – feed with the questions that are popular among TruePublic users
  • My Spaces – feed with the questions gathered from the spaces you are subscribed to
  • Saved – feed with your saved questions where you can keep track of how the voting stats are changing over time
Introducing TruePublic Spaces

There is also a new “Spaces” tab in the bottom navigation part of the app, which will help you see questions belonging to the spaces you follow. It will also help you find new spaces you might be interested in joining.

Here are some examples of the spaces you can join now: Lifestyle, Would you rather, Fun, Work, US politics, Cars, Brands, Sports, and much more.

How to submit your questions?

As always, you can submit your questions, and our team will quickly review and approve them if they meet the guidelines. A question can be submitted both from the specific space itself and from the “My questions” section. Should you decide to create the question from the “My questions” section, you will need to do the following:

  • Choose the question type
  • Type your question
  • Add the options
  • Choose a space
  • Submit the question and wait for it to be reviewed and published

What else?

Along with launching the Spaces feature, TruePublic has got a brand new design. We have also improved the Search functionality. We do believe that this is going to help you discover more awesome questions and find new interesting insights that also match your specific interests.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning! We are rolling out the Spaces feature on iOS first, and then, within 6 weeks, it will be available on Android too. We are actively following user feedback and are encouraging everyone to provide us with comments and ideas regarding the new feature. We will keep an eye on what our users like or dislike about their experiences with TruePublic and the Spaces feature particularly and will roll out improvements in the upcoming versions.

Happy voting!

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