Introducing Spaces on TruePublic Android App

Introducing Spaces on TruePublic Android App

TruePublic is a platform where people ask and answer questions anonymously. The answers are then distributed into statistics based on various demographics like age group, gender, political leaning, race, etc. 

Everyone on TruePublic can both ask and answer questions. Usually, it takes some time (around 24 hours) for a question to be approved or rejected by our content team. We review each question manually to make sure they are easily understandable and do not contain any elements of bullying, trolling, or harassment against ANY individuals or groups of people.

Around two months ago, we launched Spaces for iOS users. Now, we have rolled out the same feature for Android. 

What are Spaces for?

Since there are millions of questions on TruePublic and the number is still growing with the growth of the number of our users, it has become quite difficult to sort out the topics that would be most interesting for our users. 

We had to think about a way to make browsing through content easier, as well as finding and answering questions more fun. 

So, we came up with the idea of Spaces. Spaces on TruePublic allow app users to gather around communities based on shared interests. Some of the most popular Spaces for our iOS users are Dating, Would you rather, Food, US Politics, Sex.

Currently, all Spaces are being managed by the content team at TruePublic. Later, our most active users will be allowed to own and manage Spaces too. Meanwhile, you can search and join Spaces on Android.

TruePublic Spaces Android

Each Space comes with a cover image and a short description as well as an “Add question” button. You can also see the total number of members who have joined the Space and the total number of the questions included in the Space.

TruePublic Spaces Android

With Spaces, searching for interesting questions will be way easier. But this is not all yet  – we are going to add new cool features to our Android app very soon. 

For now, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback about Spaces. 

Check them out and let us know what you think!