How to Get Real Insights About Your University?

How is your university life going?

Let’s admit the simple truth that your personal university experience will depend on a lot of variables, such as which university you decide to go to, what you study, where you live, what type of personality you have, etc.

And at the very beginning, we all get a bit nervous about what it’s going to be like once we step into the building.

Even during our study years, we have got our questions and doubts.

Sometimes, common misconceptions surround a university. Other times, the university walls hide a lot of bullying, hatred, and racism inside.

So what to do to find out more about a university and its people before you arrive?


Well, yes, a simple Google search could help to a certain extent. You might find out more about a university’s location, the academic programs, the staff, but not what’s really going on there, or how the student population really thinks or what they really do.

What if I told you there is an app for that?

We are rolling out a new feature on TruePublic called “University” which is going to help get insights about a particular university and two of its rivals — any two universities that you choose.

On TruePublic you get the inside look at students’ honest political views, drug use, sex/dating life, and more. Imagine being able to ask every student at your school the questions they might not answer in public, then instantly see where the entire school stands by grade and gender. That is what TruePublic does for students.

Would this information allay your fears and help you become more confident in your actions and beliefs? In fact, the insights you receive through TruePublic can shed light upon a lot of topics that have been a taboo within a university.

Social media?

Most of the social media channels are just a “highlight reel” of our lives with Instagram leading the way. TruePublic is different. It is a place where you can honestly express whatever you are feeling, thinking, or doing. The app is heavily moderated and comment-free which means it’s impossible for anyone to be harassed or bullied. This freedom allows people to be radically honest. Isn’t radical honesty healthy for campus and society at large?

Places like Instagram are great, but they are only part of the picture. TruePublic goes deeper: how are students really doing? What do they truly think on the most controversial subjects? It’s a place for both honest expression and instant comparison. You will be shocked by what you can learn about people when they take down their public mask and share freely.

In this respect, anonymity makes TruePublic possible.

Why should students use TruePublic?

1. First, TruePublic has the answers to the questions that are already bouncing around in your head.

“How many other students are dealing with this?”

“How many have actually tried that drug or had that sexual experience?”

“Where does my campus stand politically?”

You can get these answers based on the respondents’ gender, race, age, and other demographics.

2. Second, TruePublic is a fun way to get things off of your chest without any downside. It’s empowering to know that other students are on your side or going through the same things. You can also become a TruePublic Ambassador and come up with unique questions for the whole school to answer. It’s like having a giant, but hidden, megaphone on campus.

3. Third, it’s a force for change. If you want to change how people act or behave on campus the best way to do that is to get an idea of where everyone is starting from.

What can the TruePublic data provide to other stakeholders such as potential donors, teachers, parents?

Stakeholders shouldn’t be scared of TruePublic; they should embrace it. In the past, anonymity has always been associated with bullying, but we’re changing that.

On TruePublic anonymity equals to safety.

If you cannot be identified, you cannot be hurt.

Teachers and parents will soon have a better understanding of their students like never before. If you want to fight against sexual harassment, bullying, anxiety, and depression, it’s important to know exactly where & how it’s happening. TruePublic has this information and will be used as a powerful force for positive change.

At the end

In a world where so much of social media is fake, TruePublic is real. You can be real and discover real answers. TruePublic breaks down every result by race, gender, political leaning, state and more. On the University tab, you can easily see how students of every class and gender view issues. It’s the reality of life, and it will change the way you view those around you.

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Originally published on TruePublic’s Medium blog.


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