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How Are People Handling Coronavirus?

Coronavirus. Not the most positive hottest topic to discuss. Yet, it’s all over the news wherever you look. In this article, we will be talking about not the numbers of infected people or locked down countries (let the media outlets do that), but mostly about people’s perceptions of the situation. 

Interestingly, since TruePublic is a safe platform where anyone can express their opinions freely and anonymously, it also gives us all the opportunity to see what the majority of the respondents think and how they act in various life situations. The statistical breakdowns and the demographic data help figure out how people feel about this pandemic and much more. 

With a number of countries under lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is interesting to look at the demographics of TruePublic respondents. As of today, 61% of the respondents said Coronavirus already reached their city. 

But what are people supposed to do during a lockdown? 

Well, they are being asked to self-isolate while their countries go into lockdown, to try to avoid the spread of the virus. 

Self-isolation or social distancing are the two buzz words these days that describe the activity of a person who limits the number of people they come into contact with in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 in their community.

Social distancing involves but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Working from home 
  • Not attending educational institutions and learning online from home instead
  • Avoiding non-essential trips within the community 
  • Canceling group gatherings and social events
  • Maintaining 1-2 meter distance from each other  

While many people are sharing their work-from-home photos on social media, a lot of others still don’t seem to follow the self-isolation guidelines. A few questions and stats on TruePublic come to reveal this. 

41% of the respondents said they are “maybe somewhat” practicing social distancing amid Coronavirus concerns, 30% said they are not, and only 23% answered that they are. 6% of the respondents didn’t even know what social distancing is. 

56% of the respondents said Coronavirus didn’t affect the social aspect of their life, while the other 44% said they have become less social. 

Maybe the worst part is that the majority of the respondents (54%) said they are still attending events.

25% of the respondents strongly agree and 36% agree that The coronavirus is much less dangerous than what the media claims. Source

Maybe that’s why 43% of TruePublicans said they don’t do anything to protect themselves from Coronavirus, while another 44% said they sanitize their hands, only 9% said they stopped socializing, and 4% use a medical mask. 

However, interestingly enough, most respondents (59%) on TruePublic think that Coronavirus is more dangerous than flu.

Still, according to the TruePublicans, there is hope for humanity. The majority (66%) don’t think that Coronavirus is the new Plague. 

Summing up

From the data we have gathered so far, it seems that people mostly recognize the severity of the situation. However, most of them have not yet started taking serious measures, such as social distancing.

We are still watching the situation and conducting our polls. All the questions you have seen so far are still receiving answers from thousands of TruePublic users. This means that the numbers can change soon. So, once we feel there is an interesting change there, we will write another review for you to catch up. 

Stay safe!

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