Industry Recover After COVID-19

How can the Hospitality Industry Recover After COVID-19?

It breaks one’s heart to see what difficulties coronavirus has brought to the hospitality industry. With restrictions on air travel, most people will have to spend the summer in local areas and try to seek interesting and safe spots for vacation. 

However, the hospitality industry had to deal with other crisis situations before too. All it can do now is hope for better days to come and try to find ways to recover after COVID-19. 

We have gathered a list of things that the hotel industry can do to restart its operations. All the steps and tips in the list are based on consumer insights gathered through TruePublic – a platform where people anonymously ask and answer questions about pretty much anything. 

Let’s go! 

A quick statistic before we start. 

66% of respondents said if they were to travel within 6 months after lifting the lockdown, they would feel safer staying in a hotel. The other 34% answered Airbnb. 

Put more emphasis on meal delivery 

32% of the respondents said post lockdown, they would feel somewhat unsafe using hotel buffet services. 

With this number in mind, hoteliers could take steps towards increasing restaurant sales by offering extra safety measures for food preparation and delivery as well as special deals and coupons. 

Hotels can also cooperate with meal delivery services to ensure that meals get delivered right to the guests’ rooms in safe packaging. 

Integrate additional safety measures 

36% of respondents said daily temperature checks for staff would make them feel safest if staying at a hotel after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some other safety measures could include:

  • Self-service pay systems 
  • Virtual check-ins and check-outs
  • Non-contact service
  • Mobile app orders and deliveries

Add more supplies for one-time use only

39% of respondents said they will be somewhat comfortable using the hotel towels after the coronavirus pandemic. 

This might bring you to the idea of offering more supplies for one-time use only. Adding an option for one-time use sheets and towels or adding extra hygiene measures for the cleaning of these items could provide hotel guests with more peace of mind. 

Don’t spend too much on gym replenishment

Over half of respondents (53%) said they are not likely at all to go to the hotel gym after the coronavirus pandemic.

So, if you were planning to add more equipment to your gym in the hopes to make your hotel more attractive for the guests, put that off at least for some time. 

Summing up

It will take some time until people decide to stay in hotels after the coronavirus pandemic. However, the good news is that 71% said next time they travel after the coronavirus pandemic, they would rather stay at a hotel rather than rent an apartment/house. This definitely gives hope for the recovery of the hospitality industry. 

And if the hoteliers are wise enough to keep an eye on the changing consumer behavior, they will be able to offer them tailored services and make their hotels feel safer too.

You can check more industry statistics about how the hotel industry will change by downloading our recent report.

Also, if you want to learn how you could make your hotel more attractive for your guests, you can run your own questions on TruePublic and see how people feel about staying in hotels in the nearest future. 

Our team will be happy to help you get started with your TruePublic account. Running questions on TruePublic is easy. And rewarding. Let’s give it a try!

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