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The Much-Awaited “Contact Us” Functionality is Live

We have been receiving a lot of reviews with TruePublic users asking to add ways of contacting us. And guess what? You asked for a contacting option; we created it for you! 

Now, TruePublic iOS app users can directly contact us from their profile (Android coming soon).

Usually, ambassadors (people who submit questions to TruePublic) want to contact us. They might want to do so for the following reasons:

  • Inquire about the status of an in-review question
  • Provide feedback about the app and their overall experience with it
  • Ask us questions or give suggestions regarding the app

Note that there are a number of ways of getting in touch. 

Contact Us functionality is live on TruePublic app

First, you can fill out the “Contact us” form by indicating a subject, adding your email address which is optional, and typing in the message. Some other ways you can reach us are social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat.

On our side, we can send you messages too. Yes, you got it right, you might one day receive a message from TruePublic. Usually, we will write to you in the following cases:

  • If you are a top Ambassador meaning you regularly create great questions that have around 80% approval rate. We might offer you a part-time job as a content creator at TruePublic or some other way of collaboration. 
  • If we have something exciting or super-secret to tell you about our most recent features and updates, we might let you know through a short note.

Here is an example of a message we could send to an Ambassador:

One way to be notified about a new message from us is the floating action button at the right bottom side of your device screen. Every time you receive a message from us, you will see that little number on the message icon. Once you see it, open it, there might be something interesting for you! 🙂

Contact Us functionality is live on TruePublic app

Who are our Ambassadors?

A TruePublic Ambassador is a user who not only votes but also submits questions for voting. As a TruePublic user, you can submit as many questions as you desire. We aim to review the questions within 24 hours, but sometimes the flow of submitted questions is so big that it may take a bit longer. 

Contact Us functionality is live on TruePublic app

Our most active Ambassadors with the highest number of approved questions are females between the ages of 20-22 and males between 31-34. 

The demographic is pretty diverse, especially age-wise, which makes TruePublic questions different, insightful, interesting, and very niche.

What’s next?

And an interesting thing to note here is that we have recently launched TruePublic Spaces on iOS and are going to launch them for Android too (coming very soon). Our Ambassadors seem to especially like these Spaces – Lifestyle, Dating, Relationships, Fun, US Politics, Food.

Now, with the help of the “Contact us” functionality, it will be easier for the Ambassadors to provide us feedback regarding the Spaces too and to also offer new Space ideas. Currently, all the Spaces are being maintained by our team. However, we are going to scale this in the future and should you have interesting Space ideas, you can create them and manage on your own. 

So, exciting things are ahead of us!

Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to ask and answer questions on TruePublic!