How is Your Love Life Going? Americans’ Dating and Relationship Habits

When was the last time you talked about sex with your significant other? Or maybe you have zero experience when it comes to dating? A lot of times, we get frustrated due to not being able to share our honest opinions about dating and relationships. Some topics are too sensitive to discuss with family or friends.

Does it mean we should never discuss them?

Not at all!

That’s why we used TruePublic to gather anonymous opinions about sex, dating, love, and relationships. Here is what people have to say.

Falling in love

Let’s start with the question when is the best time of the year to fall in love.

americans dating relationship habits

It turns out nearly all seasons are good for this!

Love at first sight: A majority of people (56%) said they believe in love at first sight. Women seem to believe in it more (57%) than men (54%) though.

americans dating relationship habits

Flirting online: 62%said that Snapchat is the best platform to flirt on, with Instagram being the second most favorite place for that (22%), iMessage the third one (10%), and Facebook the last (6%). Note that the Millennials and Generation Z consider Snapchat a good place for flirting while Baby Boomers and Generation X think Facebook is a better place for flirting.

Traits that are attractive in another person: Having a caring soul (45%) is the number one trait that people deem important. Then come positive energy (30%), a great laugh (14%), and a curious mind (11%). Interestingly, the Millennials think that having a curious mind is important more than any other generation does.

americans dating relationship habits

Would you date a bisexual person? 39% said they would, 23% are not sure, 20% no way, and 18% probably not. Seems like the answer is more No than Yes, huh? Interestingly, the Millennials are more eager to date a bisexual (42%) than the rest of the generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z).

americans dating relationship habits

Falling out of love:28% of people think that people fall out of love because they were never in love, 27% that it’s because the partner has changed too much, 26% that people get bored, 19% think that people are scared of commitment. Apparently, falling out of love has got different reasons for different people.

americans dating relationship habits

Relationship habits

63% think that high school is the ideal age to have your first serious relationship. College is number two in the list (22%). However, for Generation Z, high school is the best period to start your first serious relationship (64%) while Baby boomers believe College years are the best (33%). Seems like the generation gap speaks for itself.

How long do you wait to respond after your crush messages you?Nearly half of the respondents (47%) said they respond right away while another half (46%) said they wait for 5–10 minutes before they answer. 4% said they respond in 30 minutes and 3% in an hour or more.

americans dating relationship habits

Cheating on your significant other: 73%said they would not cheat on their significant other to spend the night with their celebrity crush while the remaining 27% won’t mind doing that. Let’s just note that Generation X-ers are more eager (32%) to cheat on their significant other for a night with their celebrity crush than other generations are.

americans dating relationship habits

The ideal first date: A majority of people (41%) think that a casual movie date is the best. A picnic by the lake (28%), a bowling date (22%), or a fancy dinner date (9%) would work too. Interestingly, Generation Z seems to like fancy dinner dates the least (8%).

americans dating relationship habits


Usually, we feel intimidated to ask each other sensitive questions. But anonymous polling can help find out the most interesting statistics.

At what age should you lose your virginity? 40% think that it’s between the ages 18–22, another 40% think that it’s between 15–17, 16% believe that it should happen after marriage, and 4% think that the best period to lose virginity is between 23–27.

americans dating relationship habits

Polyamorous relationships: 74% of people take this kind of relationships negatively, while the rest are just fine with them. It’s interesting that women are more positive about polyamorous relationships (28%) than men (22%) are.

americans dating relationship habits

Abusive relationships: A majority of people (66%) think that if someone you know is in an extremely serious abusive relationship, then you should talk with them while 22% of people think that you should inform the police, 10% engage with the abuser, and 2% believe that you should stay out of it.

americans dating relationship habits

At the end

64% of people say that their love life is now better than it was a year ago. And 85% believes that true love exists! 

This basically gives hope to everyone. And while love life and relationships can have different sides and can be tricky to figure out, you can always get a glimpse into what people really think and do.

Learn about the most sensitive topics.

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